Towards an Integrative Educational Recommender for Lifelong Learners


One of the most ambitious use cases of computer-assisted learning is to build a recommendation system for lifelong learning. Most recommender algorithms exploit similarities between content and users, overseeing the necessity to leverage sensible learning trajectories for the learner. Lifelong learning thus presents unique challenges, requiring scalable and transparent models that can account for learner knowledge and content novelty simultaneously, while also retaining accurate learners representations for long periods of time. We attempt to build a novel educational recommender, that relies on an integrative approach combining multiple drivers of learners engagement. Our first step towards this goal is TrueLearn, which models content novelty and background knowledge of learners and achieves promising performance while retaining a human interpretable learner model.

AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

This paper discusses the ideal features that are expected of a intelligent educational recommendation system. The preliminary results of the possibility is demostrated by partially implementing the model.

In Proceeding of, 2020.